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Greenex is an advocate for the entire crypto and blockchain industry coming together and bringing the mainstream into the next generation economy.

Greenex is both an ecosystem that brings together it's own digital asset with a unique mix of blockchain products and real-world, hard-assets that all generate income to return to tokenholders.

From Greenex Crypto Cafes to organic businesses adopting us, to the construction and transport industry using our token. The funds we generate go back into building renewable infrastructure to keep generating income from renewable energy to power our token.

Greenex Token Address: 0x8d8f4d3a7d5a69d7163d8a325b01deab180177c3

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November 2021

Launch NFT Gallery Greenex Fully insured Launch Organic Lifestyle Magazine

December 2021

Launch Greenex.Exchange Payment Provider for fiat Christmas Giveaways

January 2022

Exchange Mobile App Version New Exchanges

March Q1 2022

10,000 Greenex Token Holders Coingecko Listing Listing

June Q2 2022

Coinbase, Gemini and Binance Listing Greenex Visa Card 20 Alliance Partnerships
24 Month Road Map


Cryptocurrencies are a new, alternate Asset Class, and Greenex is an environmentally friendly Digital Asset. Greenex (GNX) is a cryptocurrency with a fixed supply of 420 million coins that will never be mined, minted, burnt, pumped, dumped or dominated by any one person, entity or group. Greenex is automatically environmentally friendly as no electricity is needed to provide proof-of-work (mining) or proof-of-stake (staking) which absorb energy.

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Key People

Frank Brun

CEO Global & Co-Founder
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Snezhana Batova

Group Chairwoman & Co-Founder
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Stephen Cox

Group CFO & Strategic Advisor
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Billy Alocozi

CEO Australia & Co-Founder
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Mohamed Maiga

CTO & Co-Founder
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Rafael Fuentes

Lead Developer & Co-Founder
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Samar Abdelhameed

Lead NFT Developer & Co-Founder
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Ahmed Ibrahim

Head of Business Growth
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Mert Aytugrul

Head of Internal Affairs
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Duke Ngboki

Lead Blockchain Game Developer
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Van Tilsley

3D Artist & Game Designer
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Esra Er

Deputy Internal Affairs
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Marju Koiv

European Operations Officer
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Jack Jutin

Artificial Intelligence Officer
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Angelina Romaniuk

Admin Assistant
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Joy San Martin Nasol

Executive Assistant (Asia) to CEO Global
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Tammy Bouse

Executive Assistant (Europe) to CEO Global
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Stefano Ferrero

IT Advisor & Co-Founder
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Marvelous Ngboki

Graphic Designer
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Maria-Nicoleta Gutui

Web Developer
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Kerry Thomas

E-Magazine Editor
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Ioana Bonta

Magazine Writer
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Aya Hamza

Web Developer
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Kash Patel

Lead Web Developer
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Greenex Exchange &
NFT Marketplace

420 million tokens, 50 million held by our community, 370 million held in trust under the Greenex Trust, to be sold to private investors with funds to be held in Greenex (Greenex Technologies Pty Ltd).

Greenex Trees Counter

At 0000HRS (GMT) we estimate what 1% of our volume as per CoinMarketCap and we take from external funds (so as not to remove liquidity) and we contribute this to planting trees.